Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tutor/Mentor Blog Exchange for MLK Day/Inauguration Day

Another idea to celebrate the three-part celebration that is January being National Mentoring Month and having MLK Day on the 19th and Inauguration Day on the 20th is to set up a blog exchange. Dan writes about the blog exchange in this article on our Ning Page. The idea is that during the week of the 18-24th, people should blog about programs working to help at-risk youth succeed. You can then link to other blogs that you know that are writing about tutoring and mentoring as well. We hope to have a complete list of all of these blogs on our Ning page by the end of January.

And just a quick word about Ning. It's kind've like facebook but for organizations specifically and there's lots of cool features and ways different programs can get connected in different ways.
There are two that I'd like to highlight, our main Ning page, which is for Tutor/Mentor Connection and the Northwestern University Ning page. I recommend that everybody who reads my blog joins the Tutor/Mentor Connection Ning page, but if you're a Northwestern alum or current student, please become a part of the NU page as well. It's really exciting to have so many Northwestern Alums working here (Myself, El Da'Sheon Nix, our Administrative Coordinator and Chris Warren, our Assistant Program Coordinator), as well as so many volunteers as well. Ning is a great place to share ideas, find novel ways to collaborate and get in touch with other people who are just as passionate about tutoring and mentoring as we are!

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