Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January - a busy month!

January is going to be a very exciting month! Not only is it National Mentoring Month, but it is also the month of Dr. Martin Luther King Day on the 19th and President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration on the 20th. This is a HUGE opportunity for all of us in the tutoring and mentoring community to get the word out.

A good place to start is a wonderful article on Social Edge, a blog that highlights social issues, which writes about what the Tutor/Mentor Connection is all about. It's always exciting when you talk to people who really get what purpose Tutor/Mentor Connection serves and applies the idea to other realms. I really like how author of the article talks about how all the different types of non-profits - health, nutrition, education, women's rights can easily overlap and learn from one another. That's definitely something that we have championed here at Tutor/Mentor Connection - especially in our maps demonstrating the intersection between say - banks, failing schools, and tutoring and mentoring programs. I also appreciate how the author highlights not only the program locator aspect of Tutor/Mentor Connection, but also shows how the T/MC can be teaching tool for programs looking to improve, as well as for programs trying to get off the ground through our links library. Finally, the author does a wonderful job of drawing you into the discussion and learning more about not only what we do, but how you can take what we do and apply to your own program. So, go read the article! And then add your own comments and continue the discussion!

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