Friday, August 14, 2009

Eleven-Year-Old Interviews President Obama about Education

In my daily perusal of the news, I came across this video of eleven-year-old Damon Weaver of Pahokee, Florida interviewing President Barack Obama on what he's doing about improving America's education system, violence in communities with a high level of poverty, and whether President Obama can dunk a basketball. While I wish President Obama mentioned after-school programs such as tutoring and mentoring programs as a way of helping students in low-achieving schools succeed and stay away from violence, I do think that President Obama said some very important things. I also am extremely impressed with the questions that young Mr. Weaver asked President Obama and look forward to watching what he does in the future. Note, on Tuesday September 8th, President Obama will be giving a speech on the state of America's Education System and what the administration is going to do next to improve America's schools. Be sure to tune in, but first enjoy this great video:

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