Friday, August 1, 2008

Volunteer Recruitment Coffeehouse Night!

Hello Everybody! Well, the Volunteer Recruitment Coffeehouse Night is officially set - it will be Thursday August 21st from 6-9pm at ING Direct Cafe, 21 E. Chestnut St., just off of State and Chicago.

What we're planning on doing is a sort of volunteer fair, where different programs can have their information up on different computer kiosks, with brochures about the program, as well as volunteer applications. The goal is that people, whether employees at tutoring and mentoring organizations, volunteer tutors or mentors, or prospective volunteers, will be able to come in after work, have a cup of coffee or tea and find out about various programs and talk to other volunteer tutor/mentors.

So, on August 21st, between 6 and 9pm, stop on by the ING Direct Cafe, have a cup of coffee, talk to other tutors and mentors and celebrate the joys of helping at-risk kids succeed.

On a side-note, I visited my mom's organization, Committed Partners for Youth, which is doing a fantastic job of collaborating with other youth organizations in my hometown of Eugene, Oregon. There are doing a similar event to our coffeehouse night, but in their case it's an ice cream social at Coldstone, where parents, volunteers and kids can come and socialize as well. Events like the Volunteer Recruitment Coffeehouse Night or the Committed Partners Ice Cream Social are great ways to get people involved who wouldn't normally think of tutoring and mentoring, as well as celebrating the people already involved with tutoring and mentoring.

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Carla said...

You flatter me too much! I am so excited to be a part of Cabrini Connections. Thank you for the birthday wishes, dear.