Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cool Links to Promorting Volunteer Recruitment

Hello Everyone! It's me again. Did I mention to you how excited I am about our Volunteer Recruitment Coffehouse Night? Did I tell you that it's from 5-8pm TONIGHT, Thursday, August 21st at ING Direct Cafe, 21 E. Chestnut St. with an After party at the Clark St. Ale House, 742 N. Clark, just off of Clark and Chicago Ave.

Anyway, in addition to reminding everybody to come tonight, I also wanted to show you two other ways we're promoting recruiting volunteers to be tutors and mentors.

The first is a Powerpoint Presentation, that Chris and I did (well mostly Chris, but I helped:)) that is going to be shown on the tv screens at the ING Direct Cafe. I think it illustrates really well what our Volunteer Recruitment Campaign is all about. It takes a little while to load, but it's totally worth seeing.

The second is a Video currently being shown on CAN TV, which also details what our Volunteer Recruitment Campaign does.

I hope you enjoy both of these presentations. There are so many ways that you can promote recruiting volunteers and we are so thankful to ING Direct Cafe and CAN TV for allowing us to spread our message.

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