Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday of Week 3

It's Monday and I really felt like I've accomplished something this past weekend. This past Saturday, one of our board members hosted a poker night at his house in Winnetka. His entire law firm (which is an internationally-known law firm and has offices all over the world, not just in Chicago), along with at least some visitors from New York, showed up to play poker and black jack for raffle tickets. All the money raised then went back to Cabrini Connections.
I had more fun that night learning how to deal Texas Hold-Em Poker (if all else fails, I could move to Vegas!), and talking with the attorneys. I was plugging Cabrini Connections especially hard to the Summer associates since they are law students in Chicago and I think they would be great assets for the kids; if anything to come and speak to them about what it takes to get into law school at our career day.
After the success that was Saturday night (we raised $3,000!), I think more people are capable of putting on fundraisers like this to benefit non-profits for Cabrini Green. Not only does it raise money, but I also think that it is a great way to advertise our name and create more awareness for ours and other programs. Plus, people were having fun! We also discussed the possibility of doing a Karaoke/Skit night for the Tutors and the Tutees maybe around Halloween or Christmas time. Judging from how much adults were having fun at Poker Night, I think the kids would have that much more fun if we did a similar event with them.

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