Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Good News and Bad News

While many wonderful things are happening with the conference, I also have very sad news to report on the Cabrini Connections front. Cierria Thomas, who was just 16 and a fourth year student in the Cabrini Connections program, passed away this weekend in a house fire. While most of my work has been with the Tutor/Mentor Connection these past two years, I did have the pleasure of knowing Cierria. The world has truly lost an incredible young woman and I hope that everyone keeps the Thomas family in their thoughts and prayers.

The loss of a wonderful student like Cierria only makes us more determined to help kids in need. Students like Cierria are the reason why we do the Tutor/Mentor Conference - so that we can all better help these wonderful students.

We have a two more workshops lined up for the conference - One on capacity-building with Tasha Robinson, Coordinator, Capacity Enhancement Program, Youth Network Council. The other is on tutoring tips and training skills with Jennifer Bricker and Devon Lovell of Family Matters.

Another bit of good news is that Baxter Laboratories has become a $500 sponsor for the Conference. We really appreciate their support. If anyone knows of any other companies that would be willing to sponsor, please leave a comment below.

Finally, the Tutor/Mentor Conference now has a GiveForward page. If you would like to help support the Tutor/Mentor Conference yourself, you can donate at the link above.

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