Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Art Show!

Last Friday evening, Cabrini Connections had their art show, which was held at the Pallette and Chisel Art Gallery in the Gold Coast area. The space was absolutely beautiful because the building used to be a mansion. It was so wonderful seeing the kids walk in and their faces light up when they saw their artwork on the walls.
Overall, I think the art show was a great success. There were a lot of kids, both in the art club and those just in Cabrini Connections. There were also a lot of parents and siblings who looked so proud of their kids/brothers and sisters.
In addition to the Art Show, the video cub showed their documentary detailing the past, present and future of Cabrini Green. I remember seeing a preview for the documentary at the Year-End dinner last June and being blown away by what they had already put together. Finally getting to see the end-product was even more incredible and it was so great to hear the kids talk about their experiences creating the documentary in the question-and-answer session afterwards.
Mostly, though, I was really happy that all my friends came to see the art show. They've all heard my stories throughout these past 7 months about my experiences and Cabrini Connections, so it was so great for them to put names with faces and to actually see something the kids created. It also made me so happy that a lot of them went up to the kids and asked them about their paintings and see how proud the kids were to talk about the paintings. Some of my friends even bought some of the artwork and DVD's of the documentary, which meant a lot as well to me.
Hopefully, Cabrini Connections will be able to do more events like the Art Show because I think it's a great way to showcase what these kids can do and show what we have brought to their community.

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