Wednesday, August 1, 2007

And We're Off!

As far as I am concerned, the Cabrini Connections, Tutor/Mentor Connection Annual Volunteer Campaign is off to a great start! Yesterday, we had our first planning meeting and myself and Christrine Lassandrello are going to be co-charing this year's event. Ben Spacapan, a senior at the Latin School is also helping us out and bringing (even more) youthful energy to the campaign. So far, we've decided that we will meet on Tuesday August 14th at 2pm with other tutoring and mentoring programs throughout the city and try and brainstorm ways to make this campaign creative and successful. So far, we don't have a site for the meeting, but we're working on that.
Two innovative ways that we are raising awareness about volunteer recruitment:
MySpace: Thanks to Ben, Cabrini Connections has it's own myspace page. Find us at Tutor/Mentor Service on
Facebook: We also have a Facebook group and the Volunteer Recruitment Campaign is a month-long event. If you're a member of facebook, join our group and say that you're attending the campaign.
If any of you who read my blog have new, fun, creative ways of recruiting volunteers before the school year starts, please let me know. I would appreciate as much input as possible.

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